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The Future of Mobile Marketing

When you search out the latest marketing trend, the word that keeps coming up is mobile. The mobile market is beginning to dominate many different predictions. It’s becoming inevitable that you’ll need a plan that caters to mobile and smartphone users. Mobile phone penetration continues to rise,

Five Genuine Online Jobs to Make Quick Money

Do you want to want to earn extra money from websites by doing easy and genuine online jobs? Are you a college or university student and desire to make money in your spare time at home? If your answer is yes for any of these questions, then

The FBI Creates E-Spy Team

In the past few years, it seems the government has been attempting to see what the people are up to online. Through various bills, proposals and acts by politicians and government officials, the public has been battling their rights on the internet. Now the FBI has their

What Does a Brand New Start Up Need?

Image courtesy of Ivan Walsh Running your business has never been so cost effective. For small business owners, working in the cloud means less equipment that you would have to purchase and more money in your pocket. First, every business needs to create a website. Once you

Little-Known Tech of the Trucking Industry

Long haul trucks have been on the roads for almost as long as America has had freeways, but today’s truckers are making use of technology more than ever before. From products that help them stay alert to those that help them conform to government regulations, technology is

Make the Most of Your Affiliate Network

An insightful View from the advertiser’s perspective Affiliate networks are often considered to be little more than tracking solutions — convenient means of establishing affiliate campaigns by removing the complexities of directly paying and reporting on affiliate activity. However, if utilized correctly, affiliate networks can play an

3 Cool Fitness and Health Apps for the iPhone

Here’s the review of 3 cool fitness apps for the iPhone. Nike+ GPS Despite stiff competition from the excellent free app miCoach and all manner of others designed to get you off the couch and onto the pavement, Nike+ was there first – and it shows. No

Water Filtration Technology – Is it well enough?

Many families in the United States rely on wells as a natural source of drinking water. When it rains, ground water settles into the space just above the dense rock barrier under soil. It is this aquifer that feeds wells. Currently, over 15 million homes in the