Monthly Archive:: September 2012

Earning your bread with apps

Making a living as an independent developer is easier than ever, especially if your focus is on mobile apps. People are using their phones for everything from shopping and socializing to mobile gaming. More than ever, users are hungry for new apps to buy and download to

Business Broadband vs Household Broadband

The business and domestic broadband are all based on the same basic technology. However, there are differences that justify the additional costs incurred when you procure a business broadband connection. Outlined are some of the crucial differences between these two brands of broadband connections. Speed In addition

An Overview of Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace is an Android-based smartphone manufactured by Samsung. It was officially released in February 2011 and is available in three different colors i.e. black, white and purple. The basic model of Samsung Galaxy Ace is S5830, with successors in line including the Samsung Galaxy Ace

IPad Doubles Up As Your Favorite E- Book Reader

  The versatility and popularity of iPad is not a new thing. This is the world’s most favorite tablet. It has inspired several other brands to come up with their own tablets. But the apps that you get in an iPad and their resolution, are impossible to

iPhone 4S Vs HTC One X

The iPhone 4S is a multiple gold medalist in the Smartphone Olympics, beating every Android that’s taken it on – but has it met its match in the powerful, sexy HTC One X? We pitched the rivals into a fearsome course of hardware, software, media and OS