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How Tech Wizards Go Global

There are a select few geniuses that have lived their lives and, long after they are gone, their works continue to inspire several generations.  Albert Einstein and Beethoven are in the same class as Buckminster Fuller—the genius known for the geodesic dome, as well as 28 patents,

Top 3 Benefits of Having a Small Business Website

Coming across the recent statistics calculated by Hiscox, a small business insurance company, we found that 47% of the small business owners do not use the social media for their business promotion. Whereas, 50% of them said that they cannot live without it. We saw a lot

Who can take care of your SEO and digital marketing in Hong Kong?

There is more to SEO than keywords but even more notably, SEO methods have drastically changed over the years because of search engine algorithms and systems becoming more sophisticated.  In just 2012 many companies saw red as their search rankings declined.  This was caused by Google’s ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’

What is the Best Computer Brand for You?

There are so many different computer brands on the market today that it can feel mind-boggling to sift through them, let alone identify the single brand that is most likely to exceed your expectations in all areas. The truth is that different brands are known for different

The New Kid on the Mobile Marketing Block

Any business trying to stay innovative in their marketing efforts will undoubtedly know that mobile marketing is the hottest platform for reaching large consumer bases. When checking the statistics on mobile Internet and app users, it is clear that more people use their Smartphones to check the

Essential Ingredients For Building Effective IT Team

There is no doubt that working together as a team is one of the best ways to accomplish any task that is put in front of people. This is something that especially applies to those that work within the IT industry. This industry is one that entails

Cloud Server or a Dedicated Server – Which is Which?

There are more things to learn when it comes to servers. Most people would only focus on the front end, forgetting that the back end responsible for managed hosting is equally as important. Then we ask, “When is a cloud server necessary? Is it much better than

Techy Toddlers Rising

Technology also plays a significant role in parenting. In the past, when television was first invented, most children would be glued in front of the TV watching the morning cartoons. In the process, parents could do their regular chores while their children busied themselves with their cartoons.

The Magic of Microsoft Excel

Thanks to software like Microsoft Excel, managing a virtual office or any other business has been made much easier. From quickly importing contacts and laying out data on spread sheets to sharing work securely with clients, there are plenty of ways Microsoft Excel can benefit your work

5 Tips To Build Strong Website Branding Using Facebook

Branding is very important for your online business. If you have a website and want to make money with it, branding will help you to boost your income. Why? That’s because branding will increase your reputation. And your reputation will increase people’s trust toward your business. In

Control Your Family’s Entertainment Time Effectively

If you and your family are like other families in today’s world, you want the best in wholesome entertainment and the finest sporting and news events that keep you informed about all of the action and exciting events happening around the world.  You also like movies and

The Factors Fuelling the Popularity of the IPhone 5

There is a popular notion – “there’s an iPhone, and then there is everything else” this notion has become a hit with the global masses no matter where you go. Apple revolutionized the mobile and the wireless industry with the launch of its critically acclaimed iPhone back

Business Logo and Your Marketing Mix

Great clothes don’t make a great man, but they do make him look his best. Similarly, a logo design doesn’t define a business, but is part of the marketing materials that dress up company image. On a simple level, a logo is an icon that can be

Introducing Genieo Startpage Software

The introduction of startpage has been called by some as the dawning of a new era in the way that we browse the web. Indeed this view appears to be shared by a growing contingent of tech-savvy browsers – both personal and business users alike. The brains trust

Protect Vital Information Using Disaster Recovery Plans

The modern organization runs on the most vital resource – knowledge. Access to the most sophisticated and valuable knowledge resources is what enables companies into differentiating themselves from competitors and establishing a sustainable competitive advantage. Right from documentation of processes of the company to the policy statements,

Seven Great Words Spawned by the Internet

Way back in college, when we were forced to learn Latin, (Note: I don’t know why would-be pharmacists are required to know a dead language), we realized that we sort of have a facility for languages. Now that we think about it, maybe we should have pursued

Do You Need Virus Protection for Your Mobile Device?

Most people have installed home and Business Antivirus programs for their desktop computers. However, the majority of people who own smartphones and tablets have not installed a mobile security package. This leaves millions of mobile devices vulnerable to hackers and malware. As the world turns from PCs

Virgin Mobile Tops Special Deals with Samsung Galaxy and 1000 Extra Minutes

With the recent economic downturn, Virgin Mobile has made some radical changes to its marketing plan in an effort to widen its customer base. With offers including reductions in monthly tariffs, Pay As You Go offers, free minutes and SIM-only deals, Virgin Mobile is securing its market

Key Features that Every Cloud Management Platform Must Have

Cloud computing, right from small-scale businesses to multinationals, is changing the way IT services are delivered to the internal or external patrons. According to Gartner, almost 20% of the firms have already started to use cloud computing for a majority of production applications. Some more reports have revealed

5 Things You Can Do For Your Website With Ucoz

In a world where nearly everything is running digital, one of the best things you may need for some useful purposes is a website. With a website, it is easy to share most things about your activities in such a way that people can know about it

The Role of Information Technology in Organization

The part of information technology program in the company atmosphere may be classified into 4 broad categories. These categories contain perform functionality, communication through networking, management and enterprise roles. Information technology gives industrial and industrial methods for firms. These methods allow businesses to perform properly and efficiently.

Advancements in Mobile Phone

Communication is a vital part of our everyday life. For businesses, it is very crucial to have a phone system that can keep the business owners and employees closely coordinated. For families, mobile phones are necessary to get updates whenever they are far from each other. Decades