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Tumblr For Successful Content Marketing

What is Tumblr? Not that this is new to the readers. But defining it again may reveal a few important words that probably went unnoticed the first time. Tumblr is a blogging platform that can allow one to blog, customize or follow what they love, anywhere, anytime…

Create Apps to Build Your Brand

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind at this point about whether mobile solutions are here to stay. That’s about as resounding a “yes” as you are ever to get. Everyone is turning to mobile approaches to just about everything, and there are more and more mobile

Mobile Application Development Done Right

It’s no secret that mobile application development is the future of building your business and creating a brand name for yourself in the community. But, it is important to recognize that mobile applications that are created without a thorough thought process can do more harm than good.

Exciting Examples of Fresh Print Design Ideas

Design is one of those things that changes regularly; what was modern and fresh last year, isn’t necessarily considered modern and fresh this year. Things get outdated very quickly, and as a good designer, it’s on you to make sure you keep up to date with the

Building Websites on Good Foundations: Tools of the Trade

Building an engaging, creative website entails a lot more than typing strange characters into a text document or dragging and dropping pictures into folders, despite what some people believe. You wouldn’t build a house on loose soil or without a hammer, would you? You need the right tools

Make Way for The iTunes Radio

Tired of listening to your playlist over and over again? Apple does away with your music boredom with the new iTunes Radio. That’s right; you can now listen to your favorite radio stations on your Apple devices. This fall, Apple announced its launch of the new iTunes

Business Success Story: DTS

DTS, Inc. is the ultimate entrepreneur’s success story. Started in 1991, the company found patronage in director Stephen Spielberg and Universal City Studios. With just five employees to its name in 1993, DTS grew to become the provider of multi-channel HD audio for every major film studio

5 New iOS 7 Security Features Everyone Should Know About

Apple recently released a new operating system (OS)–iOS 7. This new OS showcases an improved interface, a brand new control center for friendlier navigation, playful transparent animations, and more. But, the most interesting additions of Apple to its latest OS are the security features that look like

What Comes After 5: The Latest iPhone Rumors

It seems like Apple intends to launch its latest offerings even before its users lose their excitement over the previous one. To date, the latest gadget in the market is the iPhone 5. And even if many people have not yet saved enough to get one, rumors

How Does Technology Affect Elderly Healthcare?

There have been considerable advances in technology in recent times to aid the elderly with their health and mobility. As the over 65 population reaches an all-time high, it stands to reason that there is a heavy demand for more care as more people reach their advanced

Why and How-to Regularly Update your Windows 8 Drivers?

Drivers are very crucial to a system performance whether it is a laptop or a PC. Drivers allow the user to connect and communicate with other hardware devices like printers etc. to get a more satisfying experience. To enjoy seamless connectivity to other devices, it is often

Checkbook Android App Review -A Smart Simple Ledger To Keep Your Finances Balanced

Are you always overdrawn? Do your cheques often bounce? If you have trouble keeping your finances in check you might want to consider downloading a smartphone app to help you, Checkbook is an Android App that lets you manage your money as you go, deducting purchases, adding

Ascend Mate: The Cross Between A Smartphone And Tablet

Huawei is a relatively unpopular brand in the Smartphone and tablet markets. The company has concentrated on manufacturing devices for resale by other companies, before coming out with their own devices carrying the company name. It didn’t help that most of these devices were inexpensive and cheaply

Huawei Ascend G600 Smartphone Review

If you have read about the Huawei Ascend G 615, you may be wondering if its concept has been derived from another model. Yes, it has been. The G 615 is actually the successor of the Huawei Ascend G 600. However, before you set the G 600

The Geekiest Hotels in the World

We’re no rock stars, but we’d be lying if we said if we don’t dig their lifestyle. Who wouldn’t love the free clothes sent by famous fashion houses, the fancy hotels, and (of course) the adulation of many? Given our current work from home situation, however, we

Is It Necessary For SEO?

Is it necessary for SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) to have good relation with public? What will happen if SEO create good relation with public is it going to make profit in our business or something else? But first of all what does public relation means? PR stands