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Networking Tips For The Small Business Organizations – How To Let Success Kiss Your Feet

So, you must have thought about your next big business idea but you’re wondering about the tips that can help you become successful and create a niche for yourself. With the increase in the debt obligations within the nation, it is often seen that the consumers aren’t

Managed or Unmanaged Hosting? Which Is Better For Your Business?

How tech-savvy are you? That’s the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting accounts. “Tech-savvy” means something different when running a website than when managing a personal computer. If you don’t have time or expertise to maintain a server, managed hosting takes care of most technical problems that arise. On

Technology: The Right Edge That Your Business Requires

Given today’s business environment, it has become essential that companies strategically deploy certain technological aspects which is necessary to gain or even maintain a certain degree of competitive advantage. Now, when it comes to using technology for business, then the focus should be completely on low cost, flexibility and

Can Technology Give Life To The Fantasy Bedrooms For Geeks?

This is an ultra modern and ultra-tech life, where you can have anything and everything you want or fantasize about. If not in reality, then at least you can own everything else you love, in a virtual world. Life in virtual world is full of fun and

Google Now: Tomorrow’s Assistant, Now At Your Service

Do you ever wonder how it feels like to be Batman, living an easy day because he has a butler? Well, without the hero responsibility, you can now live like him—well, at least on your Smartphone. The first Smartphone butler was introduced to the world to us

High Tech Gadgets To Pep Up Your High-tech Home – A Sneak-peak Into Some Kinds

Who doesn’t love novelty and the thought that gadgets and devices will do things on our behalf? With the advancement of technology, we all carry various devices with ourselves that carry a ton of capability like on our smartphones and now we demand the same from our

Driving Your Brand Through Website Content

As a marketer, your primary responsibilities are to raise awareness of a brand and—ultimately—to have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Every piece of content you create—from the homepage of your website to your business cards and everything in between—contributes to your ability to drive

Recommended Tech Exposure For Digital Newbies

People who are experiencing online technologies like business VoIP and enterprise telephone PBX systems often become too intimidated by all the jargon and technical lingo that they quickly retreat to their tech-avoidant comfort zones. Tech knowledge could be hard to offer to some people who are innately

Satellite TV Is The Answer For Euro Soccer Fans

David Beckham may have departed LA Galaxy, but he has left behind an increasing interest in European soccer (they call it football over there!). Although the US has some top name players, many attracted from premier leagues all over the world, the US soccer leagues lack the

Awesome Updates For Your Productivity Apps

I think that the presence of apps—especially free ones—is probably the best thing about smartphones. The second best thing? App updates. Whoever popularized updates should be given a medal. These updates make sure that you get additional functionality for your smartphone without needing to trade in your

4 Ways To Improve Your Website For More Conversions

What does a conversion look like for your business? Maybe you run an ecommerce site that sells a variety of products. Or perhaps you need your website to bring in leads and email addresses. Whatever a conversion looks like for your business, your website is the best

Finding The Right Cloud Services

Choosing the right cloud services for your business begins with assessing what your company needs. Cloud computing promises savings on many levels, but you’ll need to assess exactly which services will be most beneficial to your business to know how much savings will be gained. Monitoring, Coordination

The Huawei Ascend P6 – Latest Huawei Smartphone Muscling In On Apple and Samsung Turf

A few years back, Huawei was a virtually unknown company. However, with the Chinese telecoms manufacturing company bringing in quality mobile devices, it has quickly become a popular brand among consumers who are in the budget- and mid-range category. In fact, with the company’s latest Smartphone release,

Healthcare Organisations Can Use Digital Engagement To Deliver Healthcare Messages More Successfully

Most of the big brands and industries such as the retail sector use social media as the primary platform for reaching and engaging with their audience. Social media provides an unrivalled platform for driving engagement around products and messages. As a platform social media is a significant

Using Keyword Research To Reach Your Audience

Local businesses have to constantly compete with larger, more well-known businesses for sales and search engine rankings. One useful method of increasing rankings is through keyword research. Keyword research involves using tools to determine what phrases people in the area are searching for that relate to your

The Disadvantages Of Being Spoon Fed By Technology

Even though technology has made our work faster and convenient, it also brings some advantages. We are mostly depending on technology. From hospitals to business companies, technology really solves problems that we cannot do on our own. However, we are slowly forgetting our functions as human beings.

8 Common APT Ploys That Fool Employees

Enterprises consider advanced persistent threats (APTs) to be high-priority threats because of the damaging impact they brought to past victims. APTs or targeted attacks refer to highly-sophisticated, long-term computer system intrusions aimed towards compromising enterprise infrastructure and stealing business-critical assets. The adverse effects these assaults can bring

Taking The Business To The Online Markets

These days the virtual world has become as significant as the real world that we live in. Every day we see more people joining social networking websites, visiting online shops, conducting business via emails and using the internet for making phone calls. Some people have called it

6 Most Common Database Vulnerabilities Everyone Should Know

Cybercrimes are on the rise, with 556 million victims per year. Symantec reports that every digital criminal gets an average of $197 per victim, making it a must for companies to be more vigilant in guarding their valuable assets. The key target of cybercriminals is a vulnerable

7 Considerations for PHP Hosting

PHP is one of the universal scripting languages for web content delivery. In fact, many popular systems run on the PHP language:WordPress, Joomla, vBulletin and phpBB, to name a few. Because of its popularity, businesses often need the support of PHP services when choosing a cloud host

Cloud Block Storage & SSD: A High-Performance Combination

As big data gets even bigger, enterprise-class companies are discovering their need for a cloud storage option that is powerful, agile and affordable. Although these qualities are possible with traditional cloud storage, they can’t be guaranteed 100 percent of the time. This is largely because traditional cloud

The Advantages Of A Cloud Database For Business

All business must keep track of important information, such as customer names and contact information, current inventory and accounting history. Storing and managing this data can be challenging, especially if you have large amounts of information to store. Taking care of the data on your own requires