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Techy Toddlers Rising

Technology also plays a significant role in parenting. In the past, when television was first invented, most children would be glued in front of the TV watching the morning cartoons. In the process, parents could do their regular chores while their children busied themselves with their cartoons.

The Magic of Microsoft Excel

Thanks to software like Microsoft Excel, managing a virtual office or any other business has been made much easier. From quickly importing contacts and laying out data on spread sheets to sharing work securely with clients, there are plenty of ways Microsoft Excel can benefit your work

Seven Great Words Spawned by the Internet

Way back in college, when we were forced to learn Latin, (Note: I don’t know why would-be pharmacists are required to know a dead language), we realized that we sort of have a facility for languages. Now that we think about it, maybe we should have pursued

Advancements in Mobile Phone

Communication is a vital part of our everyday life. For businesses, it is very crucial to have a phone system that can keep the business owners and employees closely coordinated. For families, mobile phones are necessary to get updates whenever they are far from each other. Decades

Save Your Money: Don’t Buy These Smartphones!

We imagine that it’s not easy being a smartphone developer, considering that, aside from building a fully-functioning phone, you also need to make it meet or exceed the so-called “smart” requirements. Of course, you can just carry an old phone and say that you don’t care as