Which Hosted Exchange Package Should I Purchase?

If your existing exchange server requires extensive time management, a high level of skill and a large cost of use, it’s not serving your business well. Thanks to the cloud, there are a range of hosted exchange providers, all offering similar services to your traditional exchange server

Is Your Business Adopting A Mature Social Media Strategy?

Now this is how most of the organisations start, they start with the bang on the social media platforms and then cease into something smaller in the future. Social media – whose responsibility is it? Of the PR, advertisers, employees or the HRs? Well, we would say

4 Deadly Sins Not To Commit On Social Media

The deadly sins on the social media evolve from time to time and keep altering with the changing trends. It can’t be denied that the previous ones continue to hold a decent importance; it can’t be denied that much has changed due to the change in landscape

3 Benefits Of The Secure Cloud

Cloud storage — it can sound a bit complex and perhaps like something that only large businesses or those involved in IT would think about using. However, object-based cloud storage systems and cloud computing in general is considered one of the most important technologies available to all types

Choosing A Data Management Platform

Data is the lifeblood of modern business and it’s a far cry from the days when a rolodex stored all the data your business needed on your prospective customers. Today, data management platforms used properly can screen and drill down data to provide your staff with essential,

Top 5 Apps For Workplace Safety – Explore Them Right Away!

When it comes to the job site, the safety of the employees or the workers should inarguably be the top priority of the organisation, no matter what industry it is operating in. However, we can understand that all the rules and the regulations relating with the workplace

A Professional Company That Creates Websites

A webpage is an investment that every company has to have. However, not every business has an IT staff that is equipped to handle website design. A website is necessary in order for a company to advertise because conventional advertising, like making an advertisement in a newspaper,

How to Create your Website Like a Boss: Part 3 – Local SEO

You know how to create a well-designed website and you’ve launched it out into space – a.k.a. the Internet. Now you just have to make your site popular enough to attract would-be customers. This is where local SEO tactics come in handy. Read on for tips on

How to Create your Website Like a Boss: Part 2 – Web Hosting

Now that you know the elements of designing a website, you need to get it live on the Internet. This is where a web hosting service comes in. A web host provides you with a method for building your website and connecting you with customers on the

How To Create Your Website Like A Boss: Part 1 – Web Design

Creating a business website takes a lot of creativity, SEO knowledge and Internet savvy. The site needs to be easily navigable – to users and search engine crawlers – compatible with mobile devices and, to top it all off, it has to look pretty. Luckily, you don’t

Cloud Storage – Is Your Business Falling Behind Without It

While cloud storage is pretty much common place in today’s business world, there are still certain considerations if you have yet to make the move to the cloud. The most prevalent being whether or not it is necessary for your business to use cloud storage. The fact

What Qualities You Have To Measure Before Selecting Web Hosting Services

For all website owners, selecting a company for web hosting services is a crucial decision since it can be costly and your website’s future relies heavily on it. Before you pay out any amount of money it’s important that you know what features you require in your

Are Veterans Eligible To Qualify For A Loan Program To Start His Own Business?

Are you intimidated whether you can qualify for a loan program in old age? If so, then you’re not required to worry as there are several ways to qualify for loans to start your own business. Here are some of the points that you need to consider

Networking Tips For The Small Business Organizations – How To Let Success Kiss Your Feet

So, you must have thought about your next big business idea but you’re wondering about the tips that can help you become successful and create a niche for yourself. With the increase in the debt obligations within the nation, it is often seen that the consumers aren’t

Managed or Unmanaged Hosting? Which Is Better For Your Business?

How tech-savvy are you? That’s the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting accounts. “Tech-savvy” means something different when running a website than when managing a personal computer. If you don’t have time or expertise to maintain a server, managed hosting takes care of most technical problems that arise. On

Technology: The Right Edge That Your Business Requires

Given today’s business environment, it has become essential that companies strategically deploy certain technological aspects which is necessary to gain or even maintain a certain degree of competitive advantage. Now, when it comes to using technology for business, then the focus should be completely on low cost, flexibility and

Can Technology Give Life To The Fantasy Bedrooms For Geeks?

This is an ultra modern and ultra-tech life, where you can have anything and everything you want or fantasize about. If not in reality, then at least you can own everything else you love, in a virtual world. Life in virtual world is full of fun and

Google Now: Tomorrow’s Assistant, Now At Your Service

Do you ever wonder how it feels like to be Batman, living an easy day because he has a butler? Well, without the hero responsibility, you can now live like him—well, at least on your Smartphone. The first Smartphone butler was introduced to the world to us

High Tech Gadgets To Pep Up Your High-tech Home – A Sneak-peak Into Some Kinds

Who doesn’t love novelty and the thought that gadgets and devices will do things on our behalf? With the advancement of technology, we all carry various devices with ourselves that carry a ton of capability like on our smartphones and now we demand the same from our

Driving Your Brand Through Website Content

As a marketer, your primary responsibilities are to raise awareness of a brand and—ultimately—to have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. Every piece of content you create—from the homepage of your website to your business cards and everything in between—contributes to your ability to drive

Recommended Tech Exposure For Digital Newbies

People who are experiencing online technologies like business VoIP and enterprise telephone PBX systems often become too intimidated by all the jargon and technical lingo that they quickly retreat to their tech-avoidant comfort zones. Tech knowledge could be hard to offer to some people who are innately

Satellite TV Is The Answer For Euro Soccer Fans

David Beckham may have departed LA Galaxy, but he has left behind an increasing interest in European soccer (they call it football over there!). Although the US has some top name players, many attracted from premier leagues all over the world, the US soccer leagues lack the