For webmasters who utilizes every free resource available on the web to use in web development, here is a Collection of free and open source software.  It could help you design and manage your web sites.

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Image Galleries Tools

Active Pixels – A great image and graphic editing suit that will not leave you wanting more.  Although it lacks documentation, most of the features are easy enough to figure out.

TinyPic – This software can shrink digital images to 1/20 of the original size without too great a quality loss. This means you can send up to 150 images with one mail!

Web Album Generator – This freeware program takes a series of photos or images you have, allows you to fill in a few titles and descriptions and then export that work to something you can upload to your Lunarpages web hosting account.

Porta – The best lightweight, free, and fast gallery creation tool you will find. Plug in your images and this program will do the rest of the work for you.

Paint.NET – The king of kings when it comes to freeware image editing programs. The best open source photo tool on the planet.

Web Picture Creator – This gallery tool will help you plugin a list of photos or images and output a gallery to upload to your own web hosting space.

Watermark Image – This is a free software tool that makes it easy to add digital watermarks to all of your images, photos, and pictures – all at once.

Image Tools – is simple, yet powerful mass image customization app that will help you resize, convert, crop, flip / rotate your images. You can also add watermarks to your pictures.

Misc Free Tools

Windows Live Writer – By far the best blog updater and management tool you have ever laid your eyes on. Perfect free download for any blogger.

Free CSS Toolbox – This free software solution will help you with any of your stylesheet editing, formatting and validating to perfection.

Dictionary .NET – Tiny, easy and smart multilingual dictionary translating from/to 52 languages using Google´s services.

Gsitemap – Need to create a Google friendly XML sitemap? Gsitemap is the perfect freeware app to get this done with little to no mess at all.

Cascade DTP – A freeware web design software suit that focuses mostly on creating useful and powerful CSS driven web sites.

CSS Tab Designer – Need a CSS powered tabbed navigation for your site? Style up your lists and get this free download to help.

Web Developer Toolbar – This Firefox add-on will give you all the web developer tools you have ever wanted or needed.

Xenu Link Sleuth – This free download will check your web site links and tell you if they are working or not. Must have download for big web sites!

WebBrowserPassViewThis tool can be used to recover your lost/forgotten password of any Website, including popular Web sites, like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and GMail, as long as the password is stored by your Web Browser.

FTP Clients

FileZilla – One of if not the most popular open source FTP client out there today. Highly suggested solution for your file transferring needs.

CoreFTP – Another awesome free and paid FTP program that features site file transfers, auto try failed transfers, one click transfers, keep alive functionality and more.


Nvu – It is the open source version of the web site editor that used to come with Netscape. It has been improved upon though by the open source community and has become on of the better free site editors out there.

Alleycode – Alleycode is like a mash up of your traditional text and WYSIWYG editors. Well worth checking into if you need the quickness of WYSIWYG but the advanced feeling of a text editor.

KompoZer – If you like the look and feel of Nvu but you are looking for a few more bells and whistles then please check out KompoZer. They refer to themselves as Nvu’s unofficial bug-fix release for a reason you know. Great WYSIWYG editor!

Trellian Webpage – This freeware download features an intuitive interface, importing, color highlighted HTML editor, meta tag editor, drag and drop editing, a built in spell checker and more.

Amaya – A web editor with style, Amaya is a tool that focuses on creating documents for the Web. With integrated preview and editing tools it is a tool that can not be overlooked.

SiteGenWiz – A web site creator for HTML novices and people who don’t want to hassle with learning how to code a web page.  All you have to do is type out your site content, and then format it the way you want it to look.


Code Lobster – Looking for a one of a kind web site HTML editor?  Look no further than Code Lobster.  Code Lobster, PHP edition is perfect when it comes with working on a number of different web site scripts written in PHP.

Codeit HTML Editor.Net – Small and easy to use application that will help you edit and preview your HTML files.

PSPad – If you work with your web page code as plain text, but you would like an editor that delivers more than your standard notepad does, PSPad deserves your attention.

Notepad Light – This freeware feature support for multiple document editing at once, capable of editing huge files, text drag and drop editing, auto-correct and tons more.

Notepad++ – An excellent replacement for Notepad and will help you with your HTML coding issues. It supports WYSIWYG editing, syntax highlighting, and more.

Quanta Plus – Linux only application that gives you a solid HTML editor designed around your needs and not the needs of the common desktop application.

HAPedit – PHP, HTML and ASP editor that is free to use for any and all. Has a tabbed interface and all of your basic coding tools.


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