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Business Logo and Your Marketing Mix

Great clothes don’t make a great man, but they do make him look his best. Similarly, a logo design doesn’t define a business, but is part of the marketing materials that dress up company image. On a simple level, a logo is an icon that can be

When It Comes To Protecting Your Data, Don’t Forget About Physical Security

Prudent managers recognize the importance of protecting their data to ensure that their company can continue to function in the face of a variety of threats, such as attacks by hackers and catastrophic data loss caused by hardware failure and natural disasters. For example, your IT department

Marketing Technology and Getting to Know the Customer

New advancements make it easier than ever for marketers to get to know their customer base. Through analytics, marketers gain insight into what customers want, what they think they want and where they spend their time. Capitalize on these technological advancements to get to know your customer

Small Business and the Website: Designing for Conversion

There’s no question that modern web design is both easier and more complex than ever. Companies of all sizes are dealing with massive amounts of data that they need to manage and deliver efficiently. In recent years, more and more companies are managing a great deal of

How To Stream Your Customers Along With Great Video

By Jennifer Marsh Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting. Streaming videos offer media-rich files customers use to view information, take directions or listen to the company’s promotions. Videos are first converted to the Adobe Flash format and

If You’re Just Here For The Paycheck, Don’t Expect To Last Long

Companies that rely on cloud services may be aware of Rackspace’s reputation for providing what the company refers to as “fanatical support.” This relentless focus on customer satisfaction and zero downtime stems from Rackspace’s unique culture. Founded in 1998, Rackspace is based in San Antonio, Texas and

Back Up Your Backup

Ask any computer expert and they’ll tell you that one of the most important ways to ensure data integrity is through regular backups. This is true for the home user, and especially the business user and the servers that support that business. Customers can sometimes understand a

The Cost of Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage vs. Traditional Hard Drive vs. Flash Storage Comparing traditional HDD servers, flash storage (SSDs) and the cloud is a little like comparing apples to oranges to the Jetsons’ food pills. They all accomplish the same thing, but they’re vastly different in their approach. Traditional HDD

When Trolls Attack: Knowing Is Half The Battle

Trolls no longer live under bridges. In fact, they are everywhere. The Internet, while bringing the wide world right to your fingertips, has also created a new breed of troll. Internet trolls are users who seem to be lurking around the corner simply waiting for you to

How Does File Recovery Work?

Image courtesy of Enokson We’ve all lost a file or deleted something on a computer only to realize a few minutes later we really need the information. The process of getting that file back into a format that can be read and used again is known as file

Top digital SLR Cameras

If you are looking for a camera that will do it all for you, this one is excellent. Nine auto focus zones and five automatic settings take a lot of the guesswork out of taking great photos, making this one of the best cameras for amateur photographers. You can

Native and Cloud Apps: What’s on the Horizon?

The rise of mobile has made things equally easy and complicated within the enterprise IT structure. As companies integrate smartphones – either through Bring Your Own Device programs (BYOD) or through company-provided mobile devices – it’s becoming clear that internal IT professionals need to be well versed

Can Air Quality Affect Your Electronics?

Image courtesy of djukami Air quality affects everything in your home – from the people in your home to the amount of dusting you need to do. It should come as no surprise that air quality can affect your electronics as well, and not just the outside

Enhance with performance marketing

Performance marketing differs from traditional advertising in that there are no upfront costs. Commissions are paid to publishers, otherwise known as affiliates, each time a sale is made, thus providing a point of measure by which businesses can track their marketing efforts. Traditional advertising offers no additional

Performance Marketing Model

The traditional marketing model taught in business schools is changing as companies demand a return on their advertising dollars. A marketing budget can be a huge portion of a company’s overall expenses, so it pays to be smart about the use of those dollars. Performance marketing fits

Bring Back Jedi Mastery: Be the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Outlook

If you’re anything like the average person, you probably spend a large percentage of your time at work replying to emails and managing your calendar. You probably also wish you didn’t have to spend as much time on them so you could actually get to all of

Never fear! Tricks to getting your lost data back

You’ve proudly finished a 200-page dissertation that’s going to put you in the academic record books. You go over to your computer to grab the file so you can print it out and you’re faced with a gaping void of nothingness. Whether a virus is happily roaming

EMR vs. EHR: What’s the difference?

Medical records have always been a challenge for both patients and health care professionals to manage. Keeping track of these thick bundles of records and transferring them from one doctor to the next is a far from perfect system that results in delays, lapses in communication and,

What will Microsoft’s Cloud Expansion mean for Chinese Technology & Innovation?

It’s not a big secret that Microsoft has had the Chinese market in their crosshairs for a while, now. With their recent foray into Chinese mobile technology, it’s not a big stretch to imagine their involvement in the Chinese cloud computing industry. In September, the software giant

Safeguard Your Data with Data Recovery

Your information might be one of your most valuable assets, but if you don’t back it up, it could easily become the victim of a disaster. Whether it’s a statistically improbable lightning strike or a seemingly innocent dormant volcano, all it takes is one random disaster to

Earning your bread with apps

Making a living as an independent developer is easier than ever, especially if your focus is on mobile apps. People are using their phones for everything from shopping and socializing to mobile gaming. More than ever, users are hungry for new apps to buy and download to

The Lost Market

In the last year, the number of American adults owning smartphones has increased substantially, surpassing the number of people who own feature phones. The Pew Research Center and the Pew Internet Project conducted a survey of 2,253 adults who own mobile phones. According to PC Magazine, the survey results revealed