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Storytelling Through Website Design

The problem with humans is that we get bored very easily. On one hand, this is not a very desirable trait, but on the other, this urges us to create something new and different all the time. Now, that we have had more than our fair share

How To Use Twitter To Take Customer Service To Entirely Different Level!

Twitter is trending in the social media world and it goes without saying that no matter what you are selling, a good customer service is always important for running any successful business. There have been examples of excellent customer services in the past. However, it is fair

4 Simple Tweaks To Transform A Business Challenge Into An Opportunity

Unless your business centers on a revolutionary product or service, you may find it difficult to make sales. But you cannot let this barrier stop you from achieving your objective; the success of your business depends on it. How do you ensure that your business makes enough

Planning To Start A Company – Britain Can Be A Great Destination For Valid Reasons

The global economy is facing a downfall and the problem has been there since the great recession of 2007-08. However, now governments of almost all nations are trying hard so that they can bring in investors and entrepreneurs to their country. Lots of research and surveys is

Silicon Valley Success Rules That May Work For You

It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running or have even thought of starting, there are plenty of ways that can help you become a better entrepreneur and that would require you to find out what actually can help Silicon Valley tick in your

Is Your Business Adopting A Mature Social Media Strategy?

Now this is how most of the organisations start, they start with the bang on the social media platforms and then cease into something smaller in the future. Social media – whose responsibility is it? Of the PR, advertisers, employees or the HRs? Well, we would say

4 Deadly Sins Not To Commit On Social Media

The deadly sins on the social media evolve from time to time and keep altering with the changing trends. It can’t be denied that the previous ones continue to hold a decent importance; it can’t be denied that much has changed due to the change in landscape

Top 5 Apps For Workplace Safety – Explore Them Right Away!

When it comes to the job site, the safety of the employees or the workers should inarguably be the top priority of the organisation, no matter what industry it is operating in. However, we can understand that all the rules and the regulations relating with the workplace

Tumblr For Successful Content Marketing

What is Tumblr? Not that this is new to the readers. But defining it again may reveal a few important words that probably went unnoticed the first time. Tumblr is a blogging platform that can allow one to blog, customize or follow what they love, anywhere, anytime…

How Does Technology Affect Elderly Healthcare?

There have been considerable advances in technology in recent times to aid the elderly with their health and mobility. As the over 65 population reaches an all-time high, it stands to reason that there is a heavy demand for more care as more people reach their advanced

The Top 5 Point and Shoot Cameras of 2013

When buying digital cameras online, choosing a brand new digital camera might feel like a difficult task because there are so many varieties out there. The price range for a new camera is incredibly drastic, ranging from the very cheap to the incredibly expensive. Because of this,

Reasons That You Should Have an Effective Web Design

Most people just do not get it: Web design is a crucial element of a successful website. So many people just create their website for the sake of creating one. They think that once they have a website, they will now have entered the world of Internet

Swim + Music = Underwater Audio’s iPod Shuffle

Good news for the swimmers, who: Feel that the swimming is the most boring thing on the planet. Feel that the music is the most wonderful thing the humankind can ever have. Want to catch the rhythm in the rain, in spite of knowing that their device

Virgin Media Broadband Bundle Offers Free Installation

Virgin Media has burst into the spotlight this year, offering high-quality services throughout the UK. The company has been named by Ofcom’s 2012 report as having the best average download speeds available to a large population. Virgin’s reputation does not stop there, however, as they are the

What is the Best Computer Brand for You?

There are so many different computer brands on the market today that it can feel mind-boggling to sift through them, let alone identify the single brand that is most likely to exceed your expectations in all areas. The truth is that different brands are known for different

Control Your Family’s Entertainment Time Effectively

If you and your family are like other families in today’s world, you want the best in wholesome entertainment and the finest sporting and news events that keep you informed about all of the action and exciting events happening around the world.  You also like movies and

Do You Need Virus Protection for Your Mobile Device?

Most people have installed home and Business Antivirus programs for their desktop computers. However, the majority of people who own smartphones and tablets have not installed a mobile security package. This leaves millions of mobile devices vulnerable to hackers and malware. As the world turns from PCs

Virgin Mobile Tops Special Deals with Samsung Galaxy and 1000 Extra Minutes

With the recent economic downturn, Virgin Mobile has made some radical changes to its marketing plan in an effort to widen its customer base. With offers including reductions in monthly tariffs, Pay As You Go offers, free minutes and SIM-only deals, Virgin Mobile is securing its market

Extreme Minimalism Approach to Web Design is Here to Stay

Everything that is made by man is designed by someone. When you come across something that is not so good or not so impressive, you might wonder why someone would design such an unattractive stuff. The same holds true for the World Wide Web as well; not

An Introduction to Local SEO

If you’re Amazon or PayPal, you want website traffic from all over the world. But if you’re a car mechanic, a plumber or pizza restaurant, you can only serve customers that live nearby. Local SEO is where you try to rank better to local visitors that are

Systems Not Sophisticated Enough For EHR ‘Big Data’

While doctors and practitioners are preparing for the switch to computerized data, many health systems are not yet capable of handling more sophisticated records. That’s according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which concluded software limitations would prove a continuing barrier. ‘Big

SEO: What Is Thin Content, And Why It Should Be Avoided

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an area of online marketing services dedicated to controlling where a website ranks in terms of search engine listings. In general, SEO seeks to match relevant keywords to a client’s website to make sure that