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Mobile Application Development Done Right

It’s no secret that mobile application development is the future of building your business and creating a brand name for yourself in the community. But, it is important to recognize that mobile applications that are created without a thorough thought process can do more harm than good.

Business Success Story: DTS

DTS, Inc. is the ultimate entrepreneur’s success story. Started in 1991, the company found patronage in director Stephen Spielberg and Universal City Studios. With just five employees to its name in 1993, DTS grew to become the provider of multi-channel HD audio for every major film studio

How Tech Wizards Go Global

There are a select few geniuses that have lived their lives and, long after they are gone, their works continue to inspire several generations.  Albert Einstein and Beethoven are in the same class as Buckminster Fuller—the genius known for the geodesic dome, as well as 28 patents,

The New Kid on the Mobile Marketing Block

Any business trying to stay innovative in their marketing efforts will undoubtedly know that mobile marketing is the hottest platform for reaching large consumer bases. When checking the statistics on mobile Internet and app users, it is clear that more people use their Smartphones to check the

Why You Might Be Over-Paying for Your Smartphone

Nothing creates a bigger buzz in the tech world than the release of a new smartphone. According to studies, consumer smartphone purchases are made from specific wants and needs that millions of buyers demand. Velositor ranks the following features that drive smartphone sales: Internet speed Phone operating

How Secure Is Your Business VoIP?

Business security should always rank high on a company owner’s list of important needs, for without it, businesses can see all they have built up come crashing down in a short matter of time. With that the case, businesses that deploy Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) want