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Google Now: Tomorrow’s Assistant, Now At Your Service

Do you ever wonder how it feels like to be Batman, living an easy day because he has a butler? Well, without the hero responsibility, you can now live like him—well, at least on your Smartphone. The first Smartphone butler was introduced to the world to us

Recommended Tech Exposure For Digital Newbies

People who are experiencing online technologies like business VoIP and enterprise telephone PBX systems often become too intimidated by all the jargon and technical lingo that they quickly retreat to their tech-avoidant comfort zones. Tech knowledge could be hard to offer to some people who are innately

Awesome Updates For Your Productivity Apps

I think that the presence of apps—especially free ones—is probably the best thing about smartphones. The second best thing? App updates. Whoever popularized updates should be given a medal. These updates make sure that you get additional functionality for your smartphone without needing to trade in your

The Huawei Ascend P6 – Latest Huawei Smartphone Muscling In On Apple and Samsung Turf

A few years back, Huawei was a virtually unknown company. However, with the Chinese telecoms manufacturing company bringing in quality mobile devices, it has quickly become a popular brand among consumers who are in the budget- and mid-range category. In fact, with the company’s latest Smartphone release,

The Disadvantages Of Being Spoon Fed By Technology

Even though technology has made our work faster and convenient, it also brings some advantages. We are mostly depending on technology. From hospitals to business companies, technology really solves problems that we cannot do on our own. However, we are slowly forgetting our functions as human beings.

8 Common APT Ploys That Fool Employees

Enterprises consider advanced persistent threats (APTs) to be high-priority threats because of the damaging impact they brought to past victims. APTs or targeted attacks refer to highly-sophisticated, long-term computer system intrusions aimed towards compromising enterprise infrastructure and stealing business-critical assets. The adverse effects these assaults can bring

6 Most Common Database Vulnerabilities Everyone Should Know

Cybercrimes are on the rise, with 556 million victims per year. Symantec reports that every digital criminal gets an average of $197 per victim, making it a must for companies to be more vigilant in guarding their valuable assets. The key target of cybercriminals is a vulnerable

Case To Case: 4 High-Tech iPhone Cases Worth Checking Out

Though we don’t make a habit of throwing our phones when we’re upset a la Naomi Campbell (just kidding!), we do realize the importance of investing in a good cell phone case. And no, we don’t have a bad case of butter fingers and we’ve never dropped

How You Can Save As Much As $500 Annually On Your Telephone Bill

Looking for ways to save money in your home and business through Voice over Internet Protocol may seem to be a gargantuan task for some home and business owners. Some consumers have reviewed the options and made the decision only to find out that the offered prices

Make Way for The iTunes Radio

Tired of listening to your playlist over and over again? Apple does away with your music boredom with the new iTunes Radio. That’s right; you can now listen to your favorite radio stations on your Apple devices. This fall, Apple announced its launch of the new iTunes

5 New iOS 7 Security Features Everyone Should Know About

Apple recently released a new operating system (OS)–iOS 7. This new OS showcases an improved interface, a brand new control center for friendlier navigation, playful transparent animations, and more. But, the most interesting additions of Apple to its latest OS are the security features that look like

What Comes After 5: The Latest iPhone Rumors

It seems like Apple intends to launch its latest offerings even before its users lose their excitement over the previous one. To date, the latest gadget in the market is the iPhone 5. And even if many people have not yet saved enough to get one, rumors

Ascend Mate: The Cross Between A Smartphone And Tablet

Huawei is a relatively unpopular brand in the Smartphone and tablet markets. The company has concentrated on manufacturing devices for resale by other companies, before coming out with their own devices carrying the company name. It didn’t help that most of these devices were inexpensive and cheaply

Huawei Ascend G600 Smartphone Review

If you have read about the Huawei Ascend G 615, you may be wondering if its concept has been derived from another model. Yes, it has been. The G 615 is actually the successor of the Huawei Ascend G 600. However, before you set the G 600

The Geekiest Hotels in the World

We’re no rock stars, but we’d be lying if we said if we don’t dig their lifestyle. Who wouldn’t love the free clothes sent by famous fashion houses, the fancy hotels, and (of course) the adulation of many? Given our current work from home situation, however, we

Behold the Bold and Beautiful HTC One

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC recently generated plenty of oohs and ahhs after it released its latest flagship handset dubbed the HTC One. It’s hands down the best looking Android phone ever designed, and it packs quite a wallop in terms of specs and features. The new release came

Brother MFC-6890CDW: A Wireless Multi-Functional Device for the Improvement of Work Efficiency in Small Business Offices

Small market players such as the small to medium-sized businesses and home-based businesses need to adopt technological tools that can contribute to the achievement of optimum work efficiency. For example, the RingCentral business phone can be adopted to improve the efficiency of the office’s phone system. As

Midrange Marvel: a Review of the Sony Xperia SP Smartphone

The latest bunch of smartphone flagships are out, and opinion remains divided as to which phone is the best of the best. While others argue about which phone is at the top of the heap, many people are content with trying to find the midrange superstar—that smartphone

Positive and Negative Influence of Technology in the Education Sector

Technology has definitely influenced the various aspects of our lives. One good example is the communication where businesses and residential houses can now have a phone system with greater functionality and flexibility. This has become possible because of VoIP services provided by companies such as RingCentral telephone

Smartphone Operating System by Age Group, Penetration and Usage

There is no denying that electronic mobile devices are the most popular technological advancements today. Among these devices are the smartphones. Since the device became available in the early 2000s, more and more people have started purchasing their own units. Today, the number has reached millions. Each

Eight Laptop and Computer Care Tips to Remember

Electronic equipment these days speed up the way we do things. Computers and laptops make it possible to do shopping, research reports and study assignments with ease. Presently, almost all people require the use of laptop in accomplishing work and running their business by way of integrating

Weirdest Products as Seen on TV

The presence of “As Seen on TV” products on American television screens has been a subject of ridicule for a long time. The pervasive nature of the cheaply produced informercials featuring these products has gained notoriety. At the same time, the products and services under the umbrella