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Business Broadband vs Household Broadband

The business and domestic broadband are all based on the same basic technology. However, there are differences that justify the additional costs incurred when you procure a business broadband connection. Outlined are some of the crucial differences between these two brands of broadband connections. Speed In addition

IPad Doubles Up As Your Favorite E- Book Reader

  The versatility and popularity of iPad is not a new thing. This is the world’s most favorite tablet. It has inspired several other brands to come up with their own tablets. But the apps that you get in an iPad and their resolution, are impossible to

Most Hyped New Generation Laptops for Young Enthusiasts

  Laptops, which are also known with the name of ultrabooks, are among the most hyped electronic gadgets these days. You can carry this device with you, when you are travelling, and hence it has become quite popular among the students and office goers. Students carry laptops

Keep it Fun with Online Bingo

Everyone has one of those days when they wish they could just have some fun online, whether at work or at home, and most of the time, it is not easy to do. Why not visit OnlineBingo.com (Signup Now) to try something new and exciting? We are

What Does a Brand New Start Up Need?

Image courtesy of Ivan Walsh Running your business has never been so cost effective. For small business owners, working in the cloud means less equipment that you would have to purchase and more money in your pocket. First, every business needs to create a website. Once you

Using HID lights has many benefits

Many people have heard about them, or have seen the unusually glowing HID lights on the road at some point, there are just only few who seem to completely understand the benefits of using these remarkable lights. When you are using traditional standard halogen bulbs you are

The State Of Tablets

Tablets are one of today’s hottest pieces of technology, as upgrades to tablet hardware and software seem to be released on an almost-daily basis. In this article, we’ll cover the major tablet manufacturers and examine which features are receiving most attention. The Operating Systems Tablets are currently

Why you Should Use the iPad as an eBook Reader

Since Apple Company launched their iPad product, a lot of people have bought it. It is certainly one amazing device, and honestly, it seems to be still one of the most useful devices of our time. A lot of things can be done with it; browse the

How Wireless Technology Can Protect Your Home

Since the UK recession started crime has increased dramatically, whether this is do to people being out of work and needing money to sustain themselves we will never know but it is crucial that all home-owners whether you are a self build who has recently built their own house

All You Need to Know About Wi-Fi Technology

You have surely heard about it, but do you know what is it? Wi-fi is a technology that allows different electronic devices to exchange data wirelessly over certain range and can connect easily with computer network. It makes it simple to connect personal computers, video game consoles,

Royal Caribbean Ships Have Mac Infrastructure

When you take a relaxing trip on a Royal Caribbean cruise from Southampton you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about the computer infrastructure which is used onboard. Even if you take your own laptop with you to take advantage of the vessel’s Wi-Fi capabilities then

60 New Apps for Facebook Timeline

Facebook this week announced the release of 60 new apps to be used in the new Timeline Facebook feature, which encourages people to curate their life story on one single page using a timeline from cradle to grave covering photos, messages, videos and everything else. The apps

Cool Twitter InfoGraphic

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How to setup NAS Storage System

NAS (Network-attached storage) is one of a better Network Storage. There other backup methods like CD / DVD, USB external hard drive, tape backup, etc. The shared use of data can only be possible with an a network server or a NAS. A NAS or Network Attached

Play with Google Guitar

Google celebrates Les Pauls 96th birthday with the Google Guitar logo being a playable instrument that you can also record. A pretty cool Google Doodle if we do say so ourselves. Playing the Google Doodle guitar logo is pretty easy, just hover your mouse over the chord,

Make YouTube Videos Load Faster with “Feather”

Get Youtube feather and make YouTube Videos load faster over your slow internet connection. Youtube pages load up a lot of code and options usually, making the page heavy and your favorite youtube videos take time to start as the page loads. This is an opt-in beta