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Bring Back Jedi Mastery: Be the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Outlook

If you’re anything like the average person, you probably spend a large percentage of your time at work replying to emails and managing your calendar. You probably also wish you didn’t have to spend as much time on them so you could actually get to all of

Never fear! Tricks to getting your lost data back

You’ve proudly finished a 200-page dissertation that’s going to put you in the academic record books. You go over to your computer to grab the file so you can print it out and you’re faced with a gaping void of nothingness. Whether a virus is happily roaming

Safeguard Your Data with Data Recovery

Your information might be one of your most valuable assets, but if you don’t back it up, it could easily become the victim of a disaster. Whether it’s a statistically improbable lightning strike or a seemingly innocent dormant volcano, all it takes is one random disaster to

Top 5 Apps for Your iPad

The iPad, like many other gadgets has become a raging favorite among the young generation. Applications are an inseparable part of iPads. But which applications would suit your needs? Which are the ones that you would love having in your iPad? Investments, regarding these applications should be

Get Out of the House with LG THINQ

Just when you thought it was impossible for home appliances to get any more technologically savvy, out comes LG with THINQ. New gadgets can be a bit scary, but the THINQ app is designed to make life easier. This device links certain LG appliances to smartphones and gives consumers

Little-Known Tech of the Trucking Industry

Long haul trucks have been on the roads for almost as long as America has had freeways, but today’s truckers are making use of technology more than ever before. From products that help them stay alert to those that help them conform to government regulations, technology is

Google+ is Hardly a Ghost Town in Higher Education

When Google+ first arrived on the social media scene, skeptics questioned whether a website so similar to Facebook would succeed in a competitive market. However, Google+ quickly set itself apart from existing social media platforms by offering features different from those available on other sites. The number

Runtastic PRO GPS: Very Useful iPhone App For Fitness

Runtastic PRO GPS is an application for running and outdoor fitness (jogging, Nordic walking, walking, skating …) and indoor (treadmill, cardio, yoga, body-building). It Keeps track of your sport – look for the reasons – consumes calories and achieve better results. Runtastic PRO uses the GPS feature

Importance Of Digital Hygiene

The importance and benefits of good hygiene in one’s day-to-day life have been emphasised and proven to death. From the human body to the environment one lives in, the lack of adequate prophylaxis (or preventive measures) only brings bad news. Now, with people shifting major chunks of

All-in YOGA HD: Best iPad Yoga App

Increase your flexibility without getting in a twist Yoga probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your head when considering a way of getting fit and healthy, especially if you’re more concerned about building muscle than extending your flexibility. However, if the only thing stopping you

What Are QR Codes?

You’ve probably seen QR (Quick Response) codes on magazine and newspaper pages, billboards, kiosks, T-shirts, business cards, product packaging, brochures, nametags, menus, tickets, receipts, Web pages, email signatures, and other locations. But what are they exactly? For businesses, these squareshaped codes are potential marketing tools that carry

Small Business and Email Marketing: Why it Makes Sense

Your company’s marketing strategy needs to focus not only on getting your website into top shape so you get search engine traffic, but also on using email marketing to supplement your other web efforts. While many types of web marketing are passive, allowing people to come to

60 New Apps for Facebook Timeline

Facebook this week announced the release of 60 new apps to be used in the new Timeline Facebook feature, which encourages people to curate their life story on one single page using a timeline from cradle to grave covering photos, messages, videos and everything else. The apps

StealthGenie- The Ultimate Spy

Technology has evolved over the years and its different forms have enabled us to live an easy and better life. If we notice, practically in every aspect of our life, technology is playing a great role. However, if misused, it may lead to disasters. Apart from the

Zoho recruit: Applicant Tracking System And Recruitment Software

Are you tired of scouring through multiple documents and systems, just to keep yourself updated on the recruitment details, during a staff hiring exercise? Well if you are then you should consider using Zoho Recruit, an advanced web based applicant tracking and recruitment software. Zoho Recruit is

WebWatcher: Spouse Monitoring Software

Dealing with infidelity in a relationship is never easy, but turning a blind eye to evidence and hoping for the best is never the best way to deal with it. When it comes to infidelity, there are always some telltale signs that should warn you of the

Creative Inspire S2 Wireless Speaker System

  Speakers have had to get better over the years in order to counter the poorer sound quality of discs and hard drive sources. Old record players have a particular romanticism which newer sounds lack. However, with modern technology adapting and innovating, there are some great speaker

A Review on Adobe Acrobat X

Are you tired of not being able to view or send your documents because they are not compatible with the programs on your computer? Well if you are then you should consider using adobe acrobat; a universally accepted format that allows you to easily read, edit and

HTC Runnymede 2 to feature Beats Audio technology

A big 4.7 inch display-clad HTC Runnymede 2 will run Android 2.3.4 with HTC Sense 3.5, and will be the aboriginal handset to get Beats Audio technology. HTC Arrive afresh appear an advance in the earphones and able audio aggregation Beats. The two companies will calm aftermath

AVG Anti-Virus Free 2012

AVG Technologies is best accepted for antivirus protection, but in contempo years the aggregation has angled out, abacus arrangement tune-up, affectionate control, online backup, and more. But accept no fear; you can still get the able aegis of AVG Anti-Virus Chargeless 2012 after spending a penny. In

BitTorrent TV teased at Euro tech show

Best accepted for its decentralized book alteration system, BitTorrent (download) has abutting with agenda television architect Vestel to actualize the aboriginal TV that comes with torrent abutment broiled in, the two companies appear today at IFA in Berlin. Originally appear in January at CES 2011, the BitTorrent

Why Microsoft needs a fresh start with Windows 8

Microsoft has absitively to accommodate the Ribbon UI into Windows 8, authoritative the bequest breadth of the OS added complicated as it tries to abridge it in others. Can Microsoft auspiciously cull Windows in two adverse directions? In June, Microsoft showed us a fresh eyes for its